Everything You Need to Know About Lash Lifts

If you’re like most women, when you’re in a rush in the morning, the minimum makeup you apply is lipstick and mascara. With lash lifts, you can skip the mascara in the morning and the unwanted smudges and trails it leaves throughout the day. 

There’s an added bonus of lash lifts, too. Makeup removal is a breeze after your last lift treatment since no mascara means no more endless wiping to prevent raccoon eyes. 

At Stirling Skin Care Clinic, we understand how something as simple as stunning lashes can make your appearance. That’s why our team of medical aesthetic experts offers lash lifts to our patients in Casper, Wyoming. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about this cutting-edge aesthetic treatment.

Lash lift 101

A lash lift is an aesthetic cosmetic treatment for your lashes that’s similar to a hair perm. This fast and easy treatment involves having your eyelashes expertly wrapped around a tiny silicone rod, that’s similar in function to a hair roller.  

Your provider temporarily adheres your lashes to the rod, then applies a curling solution that helps them keep the desired effect after the treatment is over.

Each lash is adhered separately to the rod, resulting in upward sweeping lashes that are longer and more pronounced than your natural lashes. You’re able to customize the effect you want before the treatment as your provider at Stirling Skin Care Clinic selects the right-sized rod for your specific lash goals. 

Caring for lashes after a lift

Though lash extensions involve artificial additions, lash lifts are simply your natural lashes — but better! This means there’s little to do to care for your lashes post treatment. You’ll only have to avoid using hot water and mascara for one day (24 hours after treatment).

After the first day, you can resume all normal activities, including swimming. For the longest-lasting results, don’t use oil-based makeup removers after a lash lift. To boost your results for the most dramatic results, simply add mascara!  

Long-lasting results

At Stirling Skin Care Clinic, we use the cutting-edge Elleebana lash lift system to ensure the longest-lasting results possible. After your quick treatment (usually about 20 minutes), your luscious lashes last an average of six to eight weeks and up to 12 weeks depending on your lash growth rate, which varies individually.  

Putting your safety first

One of our biggest concerns at Stirling Skin Care Clinic is your health and safety. The Elleebana lash lift system puts your health first by using only natural ingredients. This safe and gentle system minimizes your risks while ensuring top-shelf results.  

Using a two-step process, the Elleebana system uses only two solutions: one for lifting and one for setting. The setting solutions not only set your upward-sweeping lashes, but also provide a super-dose of hydrations, with ingredients like aloe and glycerin.

Lash lifts and contact lenses

Many of our patients at Stirling Skin Care Clinic wear contact lenses and wonder if they’re candidates for lash lifts. The answer is yes; our solutions don’t have any harsh chemicals. 

In fact, many contact-lens wearing patients find a lash lift makes it easier to insert lenses. And since after a lash lift you won’t need to wear mascara, the treatment means you don’t have to worry about irritating mascara debris landing on your lens. 

Ready to schedule a lash lift with the aesthetic experts at Stirling Skin Care Clinic? Contact our Casper office by calling 307-203-4058 now! 

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