Myths and Facts About Tattoo Removal

Do you no longer feel connected to the ink that’s showing on your skin? You aren’t alone. Around 75% of people admit they regret at least one of their tattoos.

Unfortunately, the many misconceptions floating around about tattoo removal keep many people covering up instead of removing their unwanted tattoos. At Stirling Skin Care Clinic, we’re here to set the record straight. 

Our team of aesthetic and skincare experts offers tattoo removal to patients in Casper, Wyoming, using the innovative Cutera® enlighten™ laser system. To help you decide if laser tattoo removal is right for you, we’re dismantling common myths and giving you the facts. Keep reading to learn more!

MYTH #1: Laser tattoo removal leaves you with scarring  

FACT: Scarring is highly unlikely since laser tattoo removal targets the pigments in the tattoo. 

Although older forms of tattoo removal may have caused some scarring, rest assured that advancements in laser technology are much safer for your skin. At Stirling Skin Care Clinic, we use the best in laser tattoo removal: the Cutera enlighten laser system.

This system combines picosecond and nanosecond pulses of laser energy and targets your tattoo’s ink, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. After treatment, the ink molecules break down, and your body removes them as part of the natural waste removal system. 

MYTH #2: Laser tattoo removal is extremely painful  

FACT: Getting your tattoo removed is less painful than getting the tattoo was.

Your provider numbs your skin with a topical anesthetic before treatment. Most people compare today’s laser tattoo removal to the feeling of an elastic band snapping against your skin. Some people find it more tolerable and virtually pain-free, while extremely sensitive people may want additional numbing agents.

Since the Cutera enlighten laser system does not heat the skin or remove its outermost layer, it’s one of the most gentle laser removal systems available. Your skin may be sensitive in the days after treatment as the area heals, like the sensation of a mild sunburn, but this typically resolves in less than a week.

MYTH #3: You have to get laser tattoo removal treatments every week for it to work.  

FACT: Laser tattoo removal treatments are scheduled at your convenience.

The Cutera enlighten system removes unwanted tattoos in fewer treatment sessions than most alternatives. But since most tattoos have multiple levels of ink that need to be erased one layer at a time, multiple sessions are required.

Most people space sessions about eight weeks apart to give their skin time to heal, but waiting longer does not affect the effectiveness of your treatment. Some people come in as soon as four weeks after their previous treatment.

MYTH #4: Laser tattoo removal requires many repeat sessions.  

FACT: On average, most people need five to eight sessions to fully remove a tattoo.

The precise number of sessions you need depends on your tattoo and its characteristics. Large tattoos typically require more sessions than smaller tattoos. As such, some removals are complete after three sessions while others may take 10 or more.

Other factors that affect how many removal session you need include:

Your specialist at Stirling Skin Care Clinic assesses your tattoo and skin to provide a customized tattoo removal plan for you.

MYTH #5: Each laser tattoo removal session takes a long time.  

FACT: You won’t be tied up for hours with the Cutera enlighten laser system. 

The length of your treatment session depends on the size and number of tattoos being addressed. Some patients are finished with their session in 5-10 minutes while others may require 30-45 minutes each visit. Once your session is over, you can resume your regular activities immediately. 

Ready to say goodbye to unwanted tattoos? The team at Stirling Skin Care Clinic can help. Schedule an appointment by calling our Casper office at 307-203-4058

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