You Don't Have to Live With Acne — Here's How to Get Rid of It

Whether you're dealing with a one-time outbreak or a chronic condition, acne is stressful. Acne shows itself in several forms, including redness, raised bumps, whiteheads, and blackheads. Cystic acne, occurring under the surface of your skin, can be quite painful, as well.

But even chronic acne isn't something you just have to live with. At Stirling Skin Care Clinic of Casper, Wyoming, our care team advises adult and teenage patients on how to reduce or even eliminate acne. From basic lifestyle changes to in-office procedures and other medical options, we can provide you with the strategies you need to get rid of your acne for good.

In your home

Some easy changes you can make around your home and in your daily skin care routine will go a long way to controlling your acne outbreaks. Wash your bedding, hats, and scarves frequently. Pillowcases are an especially common culprit for retaining facial and hair oils.

Avoid touching your face or other outbreak-prone areas. Your fingers can transfer the oils and dirt that lead to clogged pores and acne outbreaks.

Use well-balanced skin and hair products to reduce excess oiliness. Too much washing can be as much of a problem as not enough. If you remove too much of your natural oils too frequently, your system can over-produce oils in response. When you shop for facial products, look for active ingredients including salicylic acid, retinols, and sulfur.

At our clinic

At Stirling Skin Care Clinic, our med spa team offers a number of treatments that can alleviate your acne. With baking soda microdermabrasion, your skin receives gentle exfoliation, removing dead skin and clearing away any harmful bacteria. Chemical peels also work to remove dead skin, leaving you with a fresh, blemish-free dermis.

Laser and light therapies are another alternative for resolving your acne symptoms. With the CuteraⓇ laser system, we penetrate your skin with intense laser light to stimulate collagen production, healing your skin from within. We also offer the IsolazⓇ pore vacuum and light treatment, using a handheld device to suck up oil and dead skin from your pores in tandem with an LED light source that kills harmful skin bacteria.

For your medicine cabinet

Several prescription medications can treat acne. Some come as topical products and others as oral medications. Topical retinoids or antibiotics can be helpful for chronic acne sufferers. We prescribe the innovative skin care supplement Skin Accumax™ for acne as well.

Hormone therapies can also be helpful, especially for female patients, who can sometimes use hormonal birth control to bring chronic acne under control.

No matter what your acne problems look like, our staff at Stirling Skin Care Clinic can help reduce your outbreaks or even eliminate your acne completely. To learn more about the options we offer, schedule a consultation with a member of our experienced and compassionate care team. Call today, or book your appointment online.

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