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1st Lip Filler experience: an insider's look at this popular treatment.
Hi, I am Hillary Marvel...I am blessed to do advertising and marketing for @stirlingskincareclinic. I LOVE MY JOB! **To each their own. ♡ This post is about MY point of view/experience ** I have always felt like my top lip is tiny and my bottom lip is huge. Disproportional.
Amanda explained this well, as it is a common complaint.
Given my line of work and the training opportunity I figured why not! (I tried the treatment this past Tuesday)
With Amanda Parks, FNP-C, I know I am in good hands. Scratch that, phenomenal hands. I will be honest, I was nervous.
Amanda made me feel like I was hanging out with my girlfriend but also a medical professional...who happens to be a nurse practitioner that specializes in aesthetics, botox/dermafiller and much more. **PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH WHEN CHOOSING A PERSON TO PUT NEEDLES INTO YOUR FACE. **
Ask all your questions. I did. *YES they numb you. (30 min to prep/let the topical numbing cream.) My results are above. My lips hurt immediately after and later in the evening. Ice was key. The next day my lips/mouth were a little tender and still swollen, but totally comfortable.

After that, my swelling slowly faded and continues to do so.I love my results and will continue to follow up. Full results will be shown in the weeks to come. Bruising, swelling and temporary bumps are normal.

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